We are a non-profit charity organization based in Mpigi district working to establish meaningful and sustainable development in the rural communities. Heart to heart foundation was born from the vision that child education is the key to improving community building capacity in the rural areas, our emphasis is on the orphan’s education. To help achieve this vision, we are focused on a range of programs in the community, including: education, protection, support, farming, and more.

We envision a future in which communities have realized their vast human and resource potential and, through training, scholarships, investment, and partnerships, we can help people of rural areas achieve that vision. We can help communities become free from poverty, ignorance, and civil conflict.

REG No. INDR13516270NB

Heart to Heart Foundation is registered under the NGO – Non-Government Organisation Act of 2016 with the Uganda National Bureau of NGOs.


To empower rural communities through literacy and education, especially for orphan children and girls, promote education and convey the importance of these activities.


COmmunity Based

We engage with the community to ensure that their needs drive action and ownership of the project.

Rural Based

We focus on rural villages. Our method takes coordinated, integrated action throughout a village during the project period.

Women Empowerment

Creating conditions for women to take productive roles. Twice the human talent and energy is now put to work for village development.


We seek to make families self-sufficient. Self-sufficient families become the foundation for healthy, self-sufficient local economies.




Girl Child Education

Girls don’t just need diplomas they need critical skills to shape their future choices. Our girl child education
to go $10000